Soare Udriste si Asociații

Soare Udriste Law firm was founded by two distinguished and young professionals in the legal industry: Soare Vlad-Cristian and Ana-Maria Udriste.

We take care of your legal challenges, using creativity and technology. In a fast moving and always changing environment, solutions need to be adapted in a blink of an eye. Of course, the traditional approach is fine when you have a predefined road map, but nowadays you need to go a step further to get things done. And Soare Udriste Law firm is your best copilot to reach your destination safely.

We focus on technology, human interaction and setting industry standards.

If you are looking for a classic Law firm, we are not what you are looking for. Our clients are our partners. And we succeed together to bring added value for every project we work on.

Vlad Soare

I am Soare Vlad-Cristian, attorney-atlaw, PhD, specialised in Constitutional & Administrative Law, teaching assistant at the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Law and Bologna Teacher.

During my career, I have successfully managed to be known as a prominent specialist in legislative procedures and one of my biggest assets is the manner in which I manage to pursue my clients’ interests with respect to public authorities.

I have also co-authored one of the most important Constitutional Law Books in Romania, ”Romanian Constitution. Articles explained”, among one of the most important legal specialists in Europe and Romania.

Download Vlad Soare's CV.

Vlad Soare

I am Ana-Maria Udriște, attorney at law, specialised in new technologies. I translate legal language for companies and therefore I founded, one of the top 3 legal websites in Romania.

I focus on GDPR & data protection and was the first one to publish a DIY GDPR toolkit for companies in Romania.

I also advise companies on daily privacy and cybersecurity matters and am appointed as DPO for several key actors in their field.

I work closely with social media agencies, influencers as well as start-ups in technology and I am a mentor in educational and accelerator programs such as TechCelerator or Commons Accel.

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How can we help you?

Not so ordinary legal problems are our daily routine

Our attorneys and collaborators cover a wide range of legal services. Soare Udriste works with highly endorsed specialists all over the country so we can provide you comprehensive legal advice at any time.

Yeah, books are fine and very helpful, but the approach and experience makes the difference.

Here, you will find a partner that understands your business, presents you the possibilities while mitigating the risks and strives to reach for the best possible outcome

Areas of expertise

  • new tech
  • ethics in technology
  • regulatory & compliance
  • social media & influencer
  • rketing law
  • GDPR & privacy
  • competition
  • corporate matters
  • commercial
  • eas of expertise
  • employment
  • IP & life sciences
  • public procurement
  • administrative & public
  • ministration
  • real estate
  • dispute resolution
  • permits & authorizations

Your local interest is our interest

We go beyond legal expertise.

We act as your local guide through the legislative labyrinth - and this is not a cliche - because we know how important it is to make yourself heard at the right time by the right person. That is why we can help to deliver your company’s message to the right stakeholders and policy makers.

Our team understands exactly the connection between private sector representatives and public authorities, as well as NGO’s, and we are able to be a liaison between your company, government and heavily regulated industries.

Public affairs and advocacy

We will work with you side by side so that we can:

  • monitor the legal ecosystem in order to identify the best formal and informal approach towards the legislative evolution in the local and European scene
  • seek in local NGO’s and key actors an ally to send your message
  • propose or amend existing legal framework

We alternate and integrate traditional, digital and social media campaigns so we can help you shape policy, amplify your messages, so that we can promote a unified story to policymakers, international and local organizations, opinion leaders, non-governmental organizations (NGO) and other stakeholders.

Our purpose is to identify kinships for our partners between the political environment and the private sector.

Soare Udriste also has a strong connection with the media environment, both written and online, as Avocatoo is the first legal tech blog in Romania, awarded in several competitions and PeRol is a highly respected informative and political online newspaper. Both founders frequently appear on TV and radio shows, as well as online and offline industry events.

Full crisis communication management

Crises can be financial, operational, personal, caused by technology or a natural disaster.

The entity whose reputation needs to be protected may be the one who caused the crisis or may be involuntarily involved or become collateral damage. Crisis communication is not an easy task to manage, which is why choosing professionals with relevant experience, such as the team of Soare Udriste’s Law, is particularly important.

The company going through the crisis must avoid the risk of being turned, from a positive character, into a negative one, at the level of perception among stakeholders. In addition, public pressure can influence the general perception of the case.

Our main goal is that the management of communication during the crisis remains under the control of the client. Soare Udriste’s specialists in crisis communication can join an existing communication & PR department, as consultants, or they can act from A to Z, if the client facing the crisis does not already have partners for this purpose.

Our partners

Our clients are our partners.

We focus on finding the best approach for them, whether they are a start-up, small medium business or international company

You will find in our portfolio people who trusted us and with whom we are working for a couple of years, such as:

  • Rompetrol
  • Starbucks
  • Burger King
  • City Grill Group
  • Oney Finances
  • Uzinexport
  • Casa Noastră
  • Jerry’s Pizza

Contact us.

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Bucharest, Romania